Wall Decor Painting: 13 Ideas For Every Space
Wall Decor Painting: 13 Ideas For Every Space

Wall Decor Painting: 13 Ideas For Every Space

Art simplifies your thoughts!

Talking about paintings, specifically, it makes you independent. It is an artistic representation of your thoughts and expressions. With today’s busy and complex lifestyle, art enables you to be independent and express without any apprehension. You can freely with colours and envision the world you wish to see. 

Paintings are commonly considered as a symbolic portrayal of the mindset or the situation the artist comes from. 

No two paintings can be the same. Symbolically speaking, there can be a difference in the base used, colour composition or broadly the mindset in which the second piece is being prepared.  

From the region perspective, you can divide Paintings under the western style and eastern style. Both these categories can further be divided into sub-styles highlighting the era or the region it comes from. 

In India, there is a minimum of ten different painting styles which are well recognized and are often in demand from a wall decor perspective. Each form carries different cultural meaning and reflects society, ideas and beliefs.

Wall Painting Designs, Art & Decor for Home or Office

The wall painting can be considered as an important feature of wall decor. If you simply look for wall decoration items, online shopping, or wall decor painting designs, we can bet that at least eight out of the ten items will be the wall painting. 

If you are planning to set your new home or renovate the old space, a wall decor painting will never disappoint you. It is noted that the world of wall decor painting is ever-evolving. You will definitely find something soothing and best as per the occasion and location. 

Choose a wall painting which keeps you motivated, sends happy vibes and keeps the space energetic. Yes, you read it right. A painting should have all such features. 

A good painting is the one which brings positivity in the atmosphere. 

Bring this freshness in your life by buying canvas paintings online or simply refer to the following 13 wall decor painting ideas and add the new tangent to your life.

13 Awesome and Inspiring Wall Decorating Ideas

1. Be The Hero Of Your Work

What keeps you uplifted for your work is what you see on the wall. Keep the space energetic with the right messaging and vibrant colours to pass the positive energy. 

Transform your home-workstation or the office cabin with the correct words shining out loud.

2. Tender Tones of Tiny Tots

Recording the voice is a passe. Did you know that you can capture that moment more, especially by converting the sound into waves? Yes, record the first voice of your child and get it painted. 

Framing the voice is definitely a unique wall decor idea. Make memories of your life. This priceless wall painting design idea is to capture that moment and make it special forever. Frame it elegantly and place it in your living room or in your bedroom, the choice is yours.  

3. Waking up to fun and fantasy

What a child sees matters the most. Make sure that his or her environment around is unique, inspiring and encouraging.

Opt this motivating design to make their life full of fun and fantasy. Create an interesting wall for your child’s room or adapt this design in a child care centre. Along with the space utility unit, opt for wall painting design which energizes the room and keep the child’s mood uplifted.

4. Splash of colours

Always keep your artistic side on edge. Play with the colours and shapes, and bring the distinctiveness to your living room. Each colour painted on the canvas brings its own individuality along. Look for online canvas painting and add the abstract approach to your life.

5. Divinity woven around

As the basic sound of the universe, AUM, is a piece of sacred music. We usually chant AUM to keep the positive energy around us. It connects you with nature and all living beings. 

Relax your mind and calm your mind by inducing AUM in your life forever. A hand-painted AUM complemented with selective colours can also help you in slowing down your nervous system. 

It is the best painting for your bedroom or your living room. Get the canvas painting online or order it to customize it with the thread work. The multi-hued string design enriches the surroundings with peace and a spiritual feel.

6. Love is in the frame

We all are very selective when it comes to choosing images for the wall decor frames. It is undoubtedly special to pick and shortlist very few from the memories we have built over the years. 

We suggest going a little eccentric and mixing it up with a group of canvas paintings. To choose the best wall painting for bedroom or living room, go for designs which reflect your personality or the thoughts.

7. Picture it before you act on it

Wall decor painting is not always about colours. Each artist has their own approach, and sometimes simple line designs can pass on much stronger messages than a mix of colours.

If you are looking for an inspired living wall, then go for this beautiful wall design that truly adds to your behaviour, mood & attitude.

8. Future design – Intelligent building urban cityscape

Paint the office walls with the skyline of your choice- depicting your ambition, a wall painting which pushes you to do extra every time you enter the office. 

Keep the approach futuristic with intelligent building design. Look for the online wall painting design which influences you.

9. Enhance your visualization

Holding its roots in the Sanskrit language, a Mandala is a striking combination of geometrical symbols, helping you to focus better in life. Used as a tool for meditation, look for canvas painting online designs and choose the mandala which soothes your soul the most. 

Adding a wall decor painting of mandala to your study room or the library can help you in focussing on the real matters. 

10. Wall of imagination

A child’s imagination is the most naive yet pure in its form. Add a wall decor painting in the room and let them dream big. With their toys around, create a wall of fascination and passion, which keeps them preoccupied. 

Wall painting design is not constricted to frames. Add a flavour of newness by painting the entire wall with the scape of their choice. It’s something your kid would always love to behold. Custom wall art to infuse energy in the area and life into the walls.

11. Vibrational Horse Mural

Cover the interiors or that special wall with a colourful horse mural. Getting a mural done inside the house or office space will always be special. 

A horse mural created directly on the wall and located aesthetically assures the energy of success, fame, freedom, and speed. Other characteristics horses represent are prosperity, forward motion, growth, loyalty, and stamina

12. You concentrate better when the chakras are aligned

Speaking with facts in hand, the seven chakras bring alignment in your body- they are the spinning wheels of energy in your body. The wall decor paint of a yogic posture highlighting the chakras accelerates the manifestation. 

Look out for canvas painting online or the oil paintings and add the wall decor painting in your home.

13. A progressive line design

Being the most fundamental element of the design, a line has an extreme strength. Add the line design to your office walls or the recreational rooms and create an aura which lets you integrate those progressive ideas & thoughts. We are sure that the dots will connect.

Still, looking for ideas? Shop for trendy Wall Decor products online in India only at Brains On Walls

Adding a wall decor painting undoubtedly enhances the arena. We suggest not to limit yourself with simple designs and approach. Explore the murals, graffiti, spray and 3D art, mandalas and bring the quirkiness to your life.   

Simply look online for wall decor painting frames, or the easy search would be to add the base material like wall decor painting canvas. Using these will give you many design options to buy. 

Add wall decor painting frames to your walls, with a smile on your face.


The options are many, and the choice is exclusively yours. Finalize the elements of what you would like to highlight from wall decor painting and let us know. We will get back to you with the best solution. If you want any of our designs from the above mentioned or you wish to customize it further, reach out to us on info@s2244839.saturnwp.link.

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