BOW Safety Measure

BOW Safety Measure

We care for you and understand your emotions

Four point safety services of Brains On Walls for that healthy environment.

  1. Safety protocols
  2. Sanitization processes
  3. Intensive supervision
  4. Dedicated design consultant


Brains On Walls safety measures;

  1. What is Four Point Safety Services Of Brains on Walls?

Ans: With Brains On Walls Four Point Safety Services, we provide a comprehensive safe and hygienic wall decor services, where our dedicated experts provide consultation about our products and services. They will help you right from sharing those designs to its execution in the safest manner.


The features:

  1. Follow stringent Safety Protocols
  2. Provide expert guidance for design and material selection
  3. Complete supervision during the execution of site
  4. Complete site sanitization after the work is done
  1. Is it possible to meet the expert at my home/office?

Ans: The lockdown has caused many restrictions and we would encourage you to use video consultation to finalize and agree to the designs, materials and cost, till the lockdown is lifted. At the time of implementation our expert will visit at a time mutually agreed. All the processes shall be carried out while following stringent safety protocols, which includes daily temperature checks, site sanitization, enhanced supervision and measures to ensure a safe environment



  1. Can I select materials for design?

Ans: We will share the images of the materials during the design phase online. You can physically check them at the time of execution.


  1. Who will do the wall décor?

Ans: We have an array of artists and experts trained by us with respect to our product range. Our experts are trained to ensure that the correct application procedures are followed. They are also trained in installation and specialty paint finishes.


  1. Benefits of Brains On Walls Four Point Safety services?


  1. Hassle- free experience
  2. Peace of mind as we take complete control of your safety and well being
  3. You don’t have to defer the curation of your desired wall
  4. Visualize living mindfully


  1. What are the safety protocols of Brains On Walls Four Point Safety services?


  1. Arogya Setu app installed in every experts mobile phone
  2. Usage of 3 layered N95 Masks
  3. Usage of 0% Alcohol based Sanitizer & Tissue Papers
  4. Maintain Social Distance, minimum 3 feet
  5. No Physical touch, greet by Namaste,
  6. No usage of tobacco based products
  7. No Spitting
  8. Surgical Gloves, Apron, Cap and foot cover & Thermometer
  9. Checking temperature at every 4 hours
  10. Site sanitization post completion of work



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