15 Best Wall Decor Shelves Ideas [ 2020 ]
15 Best Wall Decor Shelves Ideas [ 2020 ]
15 wall decor shelves ideas

15 Best Wall Decor Shelves Ideas [ 2020 ]

Imagine a plain wall and a well-curated customized wall with designs and wall decor shelves. You would understand the difference each wall creates to your mindset. 

We are taking forward the same perspective. 

Do you agree that what you see, you become? 

Do you agree that for healthy living you need to have a mindful surrounding?

Do you agree that your routine, your behaviour and the walls surrounding you are co-related to each other?

All these thought-provoking statements are added here with the idea to emphasize and make one understand why it is important to be surrounded by good walls.

The inviting walls

Walls should be such that they reciprocate your thoughts and emotions. With encouraging walls, one is inspired to improvise the way of living. 

Customize the walls in a way you like- the idea that reflects your personality the best. 

There are many different ways to bring that one desired change to the wall. It can be a subtle pinch of colour or a graffiti spreading the message loud. It can be a wall painting or a mural. It can be a wall shelf added to complement the decor options. 

Remember the time when pasting designs on the wall was the only decor option you had? We are glad that’s over. To accessorize the wall in a unique and trendy manner, add the concept of wall shelves to your favourite walls. And, it is undoubtedly not restricted only to your bedroom or living room.

Decorative wall decor shelves

Gone are the days of wall inserted shelves. Today, you have the option to take a more contemporary, eco-friendly and much more cost-effective approach with the wall decor shelves. You can go for trendy, upbeat and smart wall mounted shelves which brings a difference to your home. 

When you get that urge to customize your walls, we understand your feelings. For your ease to bring the “change” around you, we bring you ideas for your every wall and for interestingly adding the shelves.  

Being an essential element for the wall decor, we are here to share ideas on wall decor shelves which we promise will bring a niche to your home. Have a good read:

Wall Decor Shelves Ideas

1. A soothing perfection:

With perfect squares, we suggest you add the graphical delight in the wall shelves for living room. Elegantly designed and crafted for your wall, it showcases a custom wall art that infuses energy in the area. Personalize this with your chosen design and place the order for these laser-cut wooden polish shelves. 

light lilting hues in a soothing package

2. Bring that exception:

Enhance the surroundings with this specially designed wooden wall shelves for living area. Beautifully crafted to bring a whole new look to your favourite wall. The 3D cut design of the feminine face is carved aesthetically. You can customize the background as required, and our team will help you with the design, delivery and installation.

the lady look wall decor shelves idea

3.Beauty can be bizarre:

You can find beauty in different shapes and figures. It is all about perspective. The circular wooden shelf with abstract rendition is a perfect blend of design for your living room. Make a difference to your space with the decorative wall shelves in the living room.

beauty bizarre wall decor shelves idea

4. Add the pinch of green:

Turn your living room wall into a living wall with the wall-mounted shelves carrying planters. Designed in the paper boat format, add the wooden shelves to your wall and give it an edge. You can have artificial plants or the real ones; the choice is yours.

the paper boat planters wall decor shelves idea

Kids room wall decor shelves ideas

5. The Shelfy delight:

Keeping up with elegance, creating more space to showcase in your Little one’s room. It is simple yet unique and attractive. A customized approach to make the wall more lively. We give you the option to customize the painted MDF geometric figures. 

playfully bright with shelfy delights wall decor shelves idea

6. Be sporty:

Love for some, passion for few. Transform the plain wall into an exclusive sports edition. Flaunt the essentials and highlight fitness in the best way. The stylized wall can be part of your locker room, gym room or simply the kid’s room wall who loves playing. Imbibe the spirit of sportsmanship correctly. 

focus motivation dedication excuses wall decor shelves idea

7. Create natural memories:

Opt for a design which you would like your child to adopt in their daily life. Go for our nature driven background complemented with the wall frames and colourful wall shelves. You can customize this tree design by adding a wooden wall rack shelf. Let your child add her dreams on the wall and create beautiful memories out of it. 

dreams for the growing mind wall shelve idea

8. Tree of knowledge:

Looking for customized wall shelves for the kids’ room or the play way area? The 3D wooden bookshelf promises to enhance your space distinctively. You can also add this functional space unit in preschool spaces and child care centres to keep the child interestingly engrossed with books.

tree of knowledge wall decor shelves idea

Study room wall decor shelves ideas

9.Create a cosmic connection:

Do you have that one working corner in the home? The one which you own and always feel connected. This curated wall art for your ideal space is in wooden material and hemispherical shape. Club it with your customized background and make a happy working place infusing energy to you.

command your cosmic connections

10. Create your own space:

Everyone has a favourite work corner at home. Select the wall, and we will make you utilize it in a modern way. The designer wooden wall shelves will let you personalize the space further. Keep your referral books, a loved ones’ photo or the to-do lists- the choice is yours. Customize the wall art to inspire you daily. You always have the option to select any other size and dimension. Do your work from home much more interestingly and in a soothing environment. 

study table wall decor shelves idea

11.Treat the avid reader in you:

We understand when one says that they breathe books. With this 3D cut design, we aim to create the right ambience for the reading. Enrich your experience by installing this wooden wall shelf in the living room or your library room. 

bool shelve wall decor shelve idea

Washroom wall shelves Ideas

12. The basics:

In the old times, one could afford to ignore the look and feel of the washroom. Today, anyone will make an overall opinion about your space based on how you keep your washroom. It is a serious affair to decorate, plan and keep your restroom aromatized. Plan the wooden panels on the walls to enhance the space. You can customize it with messages and essential props. 

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custom text relax wall decor shelves idea

13.The look and style matters:

A well-designed and planned washroom is the latest trend and requirement in some places. You can convert the dead and boring space in a proper designer showcase by adding the appropriate lighting, light message of choice, a cloth hanger and a wooden shelf for toiletries or the other necessities. 

calm bath relax wall decor shelves idea

Kitchen wall decor shelve Idea

14.The contemporary approach:

Having wall shelves for kitchen is not a new concept but how you adapt is. You can bring the sleekness to the kitchen wall by adding simple elements. Now store utensils and food items in a more beautiful and user-friendly way.

contemporary kitchenette wall decor shelves idea

Bedroom wall shelves idea

15. Reflect yourself:

Vastu says, to bring positive energy and better sleep, the mirror should not be facing your bed. We have curated a special design with triangular mirrors to be placed over your bed-head, accompanied with decorative wall shelves holding flower arrangements. Simple, unique and graceful. 

hold a mirror up-to nature wall decor shelve

Decor shelves for every wall

These are some other ways as well to add wall decors like office wall decor, wall decor shelves in your daily life. But, the concept of wall shelves is not restricted only to the home or its rooms. You can have the wall shelves in your office cabin, waiting room, recreational and fitness centres. 

Decor shelves allow you to customize and utilize the space in the best possible manner. We believe that creating walls is a true personification of a personality or the thought basis which a business runs. By adding the wall-mounted shelves and wooden wall decor shelves in your surroundings, you allow increasing your persona for a better living. 

Before we start focusing on bringing the new tips and tricks for decor to you, all we can say is, be edgy in your every approach. 

Walls are important, and mindful wall decor is essential for healthy living. 


You can magnify the beauty of your surroundings by adding interesting wall decor shelves around. Allow these elements to represent your personality truly. 

These shelves can be in different materials like wooden, metal, glass or plastic. 

Plan a look and feel for the wall and have a budget in mind. Share your initial thoughts and ideas with us, and we will get back to you with the best possible solution and never compromise on the quality. Like any of our plans or designs or if you wish to customize your wall by picking up various ideas from here, reach out to us on info@brainsonwalls.com.

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