All About Wall Decor: Types, Decor Ideas, Decor Essentials & More
All About Wall Decor: Types, Decor Ideas, Decor Essentials & More

All About Wall Decor: Types, Decor Ideas, Decor Essentials & More

Wall decor is an important aspect when it comes to your home or re-doing an office space or creating a certain atmosphere. It not only enhances the area but also speaks a lot about the personality of an individual and brains on walls is one of the best brands for wall decor in new delhi

It can be minimalistic, or one can go over-board and fill a wall with various items, creating the mood and ambience of the place.

Types of wall decorations:

1. Bedroom wall decor

When you think of a bedroom, the first thing which comes to your mind is- how do the walls look? It is such an important element of decor as no one would like to wake up surrounded by the plain walls. 

Your bedroom is where you are most comfortable, and this goes without saying that your bedroom should be a lively place. 

But why not be comfortable, lively and classy at the same time. 

Adding a wall texture to your bedroom walls may make your bedroom feel well furnished. Even if you wish to spend less in the beginning, there are many designer solutions available which can help and make your room look better. These can be in the form of an innovative art display or an inspiring element. 

The wall is like a blank canvas waiting to come alive with colour and design. 

– The use of capital letters defines the personalization of your living space. 

– Black characters adapt to no-frills personality, while names made on scrolls and cursive reflect a more flamboyant feel.

– For those who love to read, it is sufficient to overlap the square frames above the bed.

– Antique lovers can display special events in the window frame and surround the structure with relevant memories to create a bedroom with old memories. 

– Grand mandala headboards or stone-shaped mirrors can be used to create a dramatic mood in a room larger than life.

– And, the artistic individuals can appreciate the modern-art style of the small frame in a large frame or the white shog circle on a dark navy wall. 

Use any of these stunning bedroom wall decor ideas for bedroom style that will be a welcome scene after the hardest work. 

Give a visual expression to your personality with a unique wall structure.

check out our blog for bedroom wall decor ideas

2. Wall decoration in the living room

The most common meeting space in a house is a living room– a place where you entertain and spend time with your loved ones. 

And we are sure you would like to present the best here and feel comfortable in this space.

so decorate your living room as soon as possible

3. Bathroom wall decoration

This is one place at home, where you wish to be the most comfortable and coming up with great ideas. 

Therefore it is equally important to make this space unique. Create your own space by choosing the right decorative pieces for the walls and utilize the area well. 

Often the quietest place in the house, the bathroom where you can pamper yourself. Maybe you can sit on a face mask or soak in a hot bath at the end of several days. Whatever your idea for your bathroom wall decor, you can originate an inspiring and comfortable space. Most importantly, choose decorative pieces for the walls that will elevate you and keep you focused.

4. Kid’s wall decor

It’s so much fun decorating bedrooms for kids! 

There are no boundaries and no design rules to stand in the way. For most people, the most enjoyable part is the walls – you can add the colours to it or make it look better by adding innovative and unique shelves. 

Another interesting way is to add the designs and elements which are inspiring or your child looks up to. These can be in the form of a family tree, clouds, rocket or simply the sports elements. 

5. Kitchen wall decoration

After installing the cabinets, you may think that your kitchen is designed and the appliances are plugged in, but for a truly finished kitchen design, you need to pay attention to the details. Those empty walls would otherwise be a far cry from the stylish space. 

Decorate your kitchen walls, it’s easy to take advantage of the plain walls and create a wider display that entices your guests more than your cooking.

6. Office wall decor

One place where you spend maximum time, other than your home is your workplace. In the past, most professional offices were designed to focus solely on work without interruption. There was no space or budget for art or decoration to make the area more attractive and welcoming. 

With time, we have realized that for better employee performance and results, it is important to re-do the office space and make it lively and interactive. 

A report suggests the theory that “high productivity equals good climate”.

if you need office wall decor ideas check out our blog section

1. Wall decoration Essentials

What you add to your walls can change the vibe of the room. Decorative finishes add texture and size to the surface of the walls. 

Three-dimensional wall decoration brings the walls out of the background, increasing the interest with depth and form. When additional storage space is required, the walls provide a vertical solution, which helps to free up extra floor space. In addition to traditional framed art and photographs, add the following wall decor ideas to decorate vertical surfaces in your home.

2. Basic paint

Change the colour of the wall to create the desired look.

– Warm colours – red, orange and yellow: These colours are high energy and very invigorating. Warm colours work well in the kitchen and home offices or entertainment areas such as the dining room, living room, family room and playroom.

– Cool colours- Blues, greens, puris: These colours give comfort and peace. Cool colours are frequently used in bedrooms and bathrooms.

– Neutral colours- white, black, grey, brown: Neutral colours create a sense of comfort and can be used anywhere in the house.

3. Decorative painting techniques and faux finishing

Decorative painting techniques and fox finishes add depth and texture to the walls.

– Colour wash – Also known as glazing, the colour wash can have darker or lighter shades than the single base colour. Glazing colours are diluted by mixing the paint with the glazing medium, which slows the colour from drying out, so you can work longer. The glaze is wiped off in a circular motion with a rag, and then a clean rag is used to take off some of the paint.

– Sponging – This technique involves glazing paints on top of the base colour, but using a sea sponge, rather than rag, to apply the glaze colours. The result of the texture is much more intense than the colour wash method, but both mimic the look of old plaster or stone.

– Texture Paint – Texture paint contains additives in the form of small grains that absorb and reflect light, giving the wall the look of sandstone or granite. Once the base of the texture has dried, the second base is rolled over the colour, and then a glass of colour adds a final layer of depth.

7. Wall Panelling

Sophisticated building materials allow you to create stone and brick walls without hiring a mason or contractor. Lightweight, slim, interlocking polyurethane panels look like true fieldstones, river rock or brick. These faux panels also give you the look of bamboo or rustic barn wood.

– Use wall panels to create textured accent walls in the foyer, living room or dining room.

– Create a fox stone wall in the bathroom for a spa-like feel.

– Install faux brick panels on the bedroom wall for an urban look.

8. Three-dimensional wall resonance

Decorate the walls really interesting – literally.

– Shelves

Wall levelling adds size to walls, allowing you to display objects at different depths and heights. Use floating shelves that come straight from the wall for a clean, contemporary look.

Add interest by using shelves with different lengths in staggered arrangements on the wall. Shade boxes or box shelves come in square or rectangular shapes, with a decorative option inside the frame, on top of it or both.

– Hang rectangular shade boxes horizontally and vertically.

Use vertical shelf alignment on narrow walls. Add interest by offsetting each other’s shelf.

When assembling shelves, place tall cabinets in small shelves for different types.

9. Metal Wall Art

Metal sculptures hanging on the walls create instant dialogue pieces. Rough accents made of iron such as wall grills, candle holders, scrolling panels and sconces give an old-world look. Copper wall art adds warmth and lustre to walls.

From floral designs depicting flowers and trees to abstract and geometric motifs, metal wall sculptures fit into practically any style of decoration. Use one of a group of wall shelves or break up empty wall space.

10. Wall Planters

Vertical gardens are an idea that saves wonderful space to add greenery anywhere in your home. Turn an empty wall space in your kitchen into a herb garden. Make a living, organic accent wall in your living room. Cover the whole wall or part of it.

Once you have installed the planters on the wall, they will self-water the reservoir tank filled with water. By planting shrubs and leafy plants, the wall planner hides against the green wall. Wool classifies different types of plants into pocket spillers, thrillers and fillers:

– Spillers – Plotter-like plant breeders such as Pothos, Heartleaf Philodendrons and Creepy Figs

– Thrillers- Plants with aesthetic qualities such as bromeliads, orchids and dracaena.

– Filler – Plants that fill in empty spaces such as ferns, philodendrons, and dumb cans.

Choose a wall that has enough natural light, such as a wall in front of a large window. Put some wall planters in the bathroom with the window; Plants like moisture.

11. Wall fountains

The wall fountain is another type of organic wall decoration that will soothe your home with water that flows into the natural world. 

Beautiful wall fountain surrounded by the greenery of the vertical garden – it indeed is an impressive display in your living room, home office or in your foyer.

Wall fountain between two fluffy iron wall candle holders or between two identical metal wall sculptures.

12. Mirror

Hang a mirror on a wall to brighten up the room and give it a spacious feel. The key to a good mirror placement is to pay attention to what the mirror reflects.

– Hang a huge mirror in front of the window to reflect light back inside the room and make a double window effect.

– Hang a mirror in the dining room to throw around the light of the chandelier.

– Place the mirror behind the foyer table with a large floral arrangement to show the back.

– Hang a set of mirrors with some comprehensive elements such as similar shape, similar frame or antique or vintage collection.

13. Tapestries, Rugs & Fabric

Textiles make interesting wall decorations filled with colours, patterns and textures. Practically any kind of fabric can be used as wall decorations, including rugs, blankets, quilts, masks, and tapestries specially designed for wall hangings.

You can use one of several ways to hang cloth on the wall:

– Make the casings – on the back of the fabric, on the end of the fabric, sew one stitch on top of the fabric strip and run the second stitch horizontally along the bottom edge of the strip so that it creates a longer pocket. Insert a wooden dowel or rod inside the casing and attach a cord to each end to hang it.

– Hook and Loop Tape – Sew a strip of hook and loop tape to the back of the garment. On the other side of the tape fasten the base or nail on a small wooden strip and wall.

– Make a frame- Buy a frame the size of the cloth. Depending on how delicate or valuable the piece is, you can spread it on a foam board, place the back mainly and place it on a wooden or metal glass frame. If the material is too delicate and delicate, carefully pin it to the board.

– Nail It – A very strong or durable material such as an area rug can be applied to wall studs.

Large tapestries or rugs on the walls can also help absorb sound.

14. Think outside the box

Sometimes, the best decorating ideas are unexpected. Think of other simple ways to decorate your walls. Can’t find anywhere else outside your basement or attic for wall decoration.

Why Wall Decor is Important

– Interior design, wall art and you

Designing your interior means adding life to your home or space. Appropriate interior design can improve a person’s well-being and improve the functional functioning of the body. For example, some coffee shops invest in their interiors so that they can comfort their customers while they enjoy the food.

Most of the time in interior design‌, the wall art design is considered as the final step to complete the interior. Once the paint is completely dry, the wall art must be applied, and the furniture must be placed where they are desired. 

The choice of wall art design should be able to complete the house or living space.

There are various factors to consider when choosing the right wall art for your interior. These include adding colour, focusing and personalizing the interior.

– Choosing the right colour for your interior

How to choose a colour that suits the interior? Well, for most people, choosing the right colour can be very challenging in interior design. There are so many colours to select from for confusion. For example, red is not just red. Different colors to choose from such as a fuchsia, auburn, magenta, flame. The same thing happens in other colours. Properly covered, it will withstand a lot of adverse conditions. Whatever design the owner or entrepreneur wants, they choose bright colors that complement the other colours. Note that the colors mix well with different colors that are applied to the interior.

– Centre of attraction:

Meeting someone after a long time? There can be only a couple of things which can hold your attention – your partner or the surroundings. 

People and colours always capture attention and create a memory. 

To give your loved ones a memorable and thoughtful experience, work on your surroundings. Plan the interiors keeping in mind your interests and what you would like to see and feel positive about. If you are in sync with your walls then you are sure to be positive about others as well. 

Spread the calmness, comfort and positiveness amongst your guests and loved ones. 

To complete a wall, you can add a design by adding painting, a mural or a piece of mantle- a design or element of your choice, completing your scenery. 

Remember, creativity and innovation play an important role in coming up with the ideal focus of meditation for your space.

– Personalize your topic

Personalize your interior. 

Many room designs adapt it based on the personality of the owner. Similarly, some hotel rooms in most countries have different themes to attract more customers. 

Take, for example, a music lover or a musician. The interior design of the selection also comes with music. Musical instruments and other objects linked to music may be wall designs. 

Many people add paintings on their walls to create an effect on their walls or to personalize their walls. Of course, you can break away from the traditional hanging of images. You can choose to add photos or any other object to complete the design. Here are some creative ways we can call “personal touch” for interior design.


In the end, no matter what space or room a person is creating, the decor is one of the most essential things to remember. These days, when it comes to health, more and more people are coming to consciousness. Studies show that appropriate interior design improves a person’s mind, body and spiritual well-being. This is one of the causes of why many companies and homeowners are investing in interior design. If a person’s physical, mental and spiritual aspects are functioning properly, then everything will be fine.

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