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why brains on walls?

Smart design

We co-create

Tailor made as per your mood

why brains on walls?

Smart design

We co-create

Tailor made as per your mood

how to get that desired wall?

Step 1:
share a picture & size of the wall

Step 2:
our wall designer will call you

Step 3:
we work on a mood board

Step 4:
we share the final design per your selection

Step 5:
our team visits your premises for wall inspection

Step 6:
installation of the wall design

we do inspired designs for your walls

home walls

office walls

institutional walls

recreational walls

walls that we curated

what our customer says

help us curate your wall!

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See your walls transform with imagination, inspiration and that expert touch. Like no two houses are the same, so it should be with the walls that surround you. Your contemporary lifestyle is a combination of ideas, elements, designs, and décor that are unique to you. Out of the umpteen things that express yourself and your style in today’s times, include wall and wall décor. Time has come, when just like your choice of gadgets, apparel, food, movies and reads, what keeps you happy, keeps you motivated – you walls too can hold a place of prime importance. And why not? Being unique and being décor oriented is the new normal of our expressions and possessions.


Now, let us understand what goes into the making of such a trendsetting wall design. Is it just a lot of passion that takes shape with some imagination? Or is it just about putting several décor elements together? Does it need any special interest and expertise? Well, once you go through what Brains On Walls has to offer in wall décor and wall designs, you would agree that it’s a professional fusion of all the above, and much more. Where every unique thought for your wall comes together with well thought out décor elements. That what makes the unique wall décor products stand out and un-putdownable.


In this state-of-the-style trend inspired by the wall experts from Brains On Walls, unique wall décor is not only amplified but given a new definition altogether. It is a new concept in making your home more inviting, more expressive, more lively and above all an absolute delight to live in. It is like uniquely changing the whole look and feel of the place your live in, the place your work, the place you love to call your own. These unique home wall décor products are much more than just a wall, a décor, and a product. Rather, these are the new way of being unique, being expressive and being creative.


When you browse through our unique wall décor products, you are sure to feel excited about how are these unique wall décor created. That’s very normal because these Bedroom wall décor products are fresh and fantastic by all measures of creativity and creation. Let us tell you, it’s that dedicated focus on your unique needs that are evolving every day, is something that pushes us to come up with this pioneering initiative of bringing the first ever unique wall décor products, just for you.

Be a part of this transformation with the pioneer of unique living room wall décor products in India, Brains On Walls! Pick and choose from an extensive range of wall décor and get an attractive quote today.

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