• A Shark You’ld Love

      Description For all the lovers of sea life, this 3D shark is a must have in your living room so that you can remind yourself how powerful and aggressive you are… just by looking at your wall. On Your Wall 3D Hard Thermacol Structure with Paint Finish

    • Do It In Style

      Description An ode to featureless spaces! A designer loo is much in fashion too. A modern decor with 3D wooden tree that works as a cloth Hanger and the shelf to keep your toilet essentials. On Your Wall Dusk Black Vinyl Print,With Wooden Rack and Wooden Photo Frame

    • Gira-Affection

      Description An exquisite and artistic design of the giraffe, done with string art on a wooden frame, is the perfect decor for your wall. It will lend a character and enhance the look of your room. A custom wall art to infuse energy in the area and life into the walls. On Your Wall 3D MDF Giraffe Cutout   Club…

    • Kid’s Dream

      Description A kid dreams of catching the rainbow and jumping up to the moon. This exciting wall design brings all of these together to create a dreamy world. The wall will make them love and cherish their fantasy world. On Your Wall MDF 3D Cutout with Backgroung Vinyl Print

    • Natural Chirpy Bloom

      Description Make a little place for our winged friends along with colorful flowers. A simple and smart way to adorn your area with printed decal and artificial flowers; giving it a vibrant look and pleasant vibes. On Your Wall MDF 3D Birds and Cage Cutout

    • New-Age Washroom Basics

      Description A different space with a unique look. Simple wooden panel decor on the wall to enhance the space with small essential props and customized messages. On Your Wall 3D Cut Letters with Wooden Shelve  

    • Notable Figures

      Description Transform your plain walls into an attractive decor! Do it up with an eye catchy wooden design of two colorful sea horses, that will give your living area a unique look and a vibrant feel. On Your Wall Set of two 3D MDF Sea Horse Cutout

    • Passion For Planters

      Description Graphically set wooden rack with dash of greens at the nodes.Mounted on the mosaic are ceramic vases that create a pleasing botanical display of your favourite plants. One look and one would say,What a wall. On Your Wall MDF Structure With Artifical Planters

    • Planters In Paradise

      Description A rare creation with plants, tiny pebbles and lot of passion! Decorate your place in a contemporary and unique way. These stunning wall mounted planters keep your indoor healthy, beautiful and attractive. On Your Wall MDF 3D Round Shape Structure and Vinyl Background

    • Serene and Simple

      Description It is the perfect decor to have on your wall, that keeps reminding you every time to stay fit and healthy. This 3D design will give lot of positive and energetic vibes. On Your Wall 3D MDF LaserCut with Paint Finish

    • Sunday Morning

      Description A leisurely and refreshing bath on a Sunday morning attracts one and all. Hence, your bathing area needs that ambience to uplift your mood. A 3d sun, holding a comb and hair decal definitely does that magic for you. On Your Wall MDF 3D Round Shape With Vinyl Print

    • Up, Up And Away

      Description This string art will wow anyone who sees it! Going up in a colorful air balloon is a dream for many. This artistic decor will transform your dull space into an attractive one. On Your Wall 3D MDF Hot Air Ballon Structure


    Washroom, a private place at every house that welcomes all, right from the morning till night and beyond. A place which is meant for hygiene and the first thing that’s needed in this room is hygiene and cleanliness Till now we were talking about the healthy and hygienic aspects of the washroom now let us take a closer look at the interior of that room – the walls that make the washroom. Yes, a room of such importance deserves much more than just cleanliness. It deserves some decoration and some attitude as well. Décor that’s soothing, relaxing and something that goes well with your mood. It’s time you stylized this room with washroom wall décor products from Brains On Walls.


    Different people have different tastes when it comes to doing up a room. We all have our own choice of likes and dislikes and we differ not only in the preference of colors but also other wall décor elements. Once you make up your mind to transform our washroom with the best wall décor products, there is just but the all-encompassing choice for you in the market. And that Brains On Walls, the pioneers in wall décor products. There must be many questions in your mind about the authenticity of our saying but all your doubts will fade away once you go through the wall designs on our website www.brainsonwalls.com


    Excitement to change or better the look of your rooms is common but the will to transform your washroom with wall décor products is rare. Complementing this rarity is the uniqueness of our washroom wall decor ideas. Such extensive is the collection at Brains On Walls that you will literally be spoilt for choices… ranging from natural ascents to color coordinates to interplay of shapes and sizes of elements to graphical representations. The list doesn’t stop there as you would also find many wall décor ideas that also serve a utilitarian purpose as well. Like a shelf with design a storage case with an idea or a painting, and many more.


    Friends, we at Brains On Walls have all the answers to your queries, doubts and hesitations and much more than that… we have the ideas and inspiration to transform the looks of your washroom with unique wall décor products. We are different, stubborn have that attitude that will melt your heart. Making your cling to our products. So, simply browse through www.brainsonwalls.com and place your order today. Call today to avail of an early bird discount. Happy washroom wall décor to you and your family!

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