• Divine Reflections Of Enlightenment!

      Description Surround your senses with that divine oneness. Let peace and tranquillity fill up your room. This thoughtfully crafted pair of abstract wall prints will add that aesthetic appeal here your want it to be. ‘Feel one’ with the Buddha, today and always! A custom wall art to infuse energy in the area and life into the walls. What’s Included…

    • Divinity Woven Around

      Description A wall decor with the eternal ‘AUM’ and sacred geometry woven with colorful threads! This multi-hued string design enriches the surroundings with peace and a spiritual feel. On Your Wall 3D MDF Roundshape Vinyl Print

    • Golden Moon

      Description The crescent moon shines with all its magnificence on your wall.The decor is carefully done with a 3D moon skilfully crafted with motifs on it. A simple yet very attractive design to place on the wall that gives the feel of moon nearby you. On Your Wall 3D Half Moon And Vinyl Print

    • Sacred N Serene

      Description True spirituality embraces the thoughtful. How about a corner done in tawny and cinnamon brown hue with an emblem of the almighty. Let the peaceful vibes emanate and envelope the space with an ethereal aura. On Your Wall Vinyl Print with Side Lit Panels and 3D Laser Cut OM

    • Surround Your Space With Nature Divine

      Description Divinity in our living space is a blessing in itself. A decal crafted wall, with a vibrant and mountainous skyline renders an earthy feel to the room. The ethereal connection comes alive with three dimensional backlit panels of the Buddha. A custom wall art to infuse energy in the area and life into the walls. On Your Wall Buddha…

    • The Touch Of God And Grace

      Description This religious corner with 3D sidelit panel and OM decor is a blessing for all evolved minds in search of that eternal light. Enhance the ambience and surround your space with positive and peaceful vibes. On Your Wall Vinyl Print with Side Lit Panels and 3D Laser Cut Positive

    • Vibes Of Positivity

      Description Lord Ganesha playing the flute on your wall, fills the place with positivity. This 3D wall design enhances the look of your place while lending a spiritual touch and spreading the sacred aura. On Your Wall MDF Structure with Print on top


    Feel positive and happy with beautifully crafted religious wall decor from Brains On Walls. Just like the spiritual aspect of religion, these amazing wall décor ideas surround every moment of the day and night. Thought the concept of decorating the walls with religious pictures, symbols, designs, motifs, and forms is an age-old tradition but giving the entire practice a new and amazing makeover is typically a new thought, a noble idea. And this marks a new beginning in religious wall décor ideas in India… expertly conceptualized and crafted by none other than Brains On Walls.



    Yes, it would be truly transformational for any place to have the walls express the aura of religion and spirituality. It’s more like feeling the presence of the almighty around you, every moment of the day and night. These religious wall décor ideas have the power to fill your home or any other place with positivity. So, go ahead with pious wall décor ideas that simply spread so much positivity that it enlightens your thoughts and acts at work and play. These wall décor ideas from Brains On Walls are already setting examples and the trends in new-age wall décor. If you are anyhow interested in having religious walls at your place, then these religious wall décor ideas have those divine pictures on them that your mind and soul will be filled with peace and calmness.



    A perfect room that you can design for your kids to inculcate their belief in the supreme power and for the senior citizens at home, for mental peace and tranquility. Yes, all these and more are now possible with a variety of religious wall décor ideas from Brains On Walls. These wall décor products have the ability to render all those positive rays through the products. Just like religion appeals to all ages, these walls to appeal to all age groups.



    We can assure you about our products that have already won the trust of many connoisseurs of evolved wall décor. These wall décor ideas can make you feel one with the world, with peace and positivity. Friends, we have all the answers to your queries, doubts, and hesitations. We just want to say that the décor products have a wide range of high-quality décor ideas that you just can’t ignore. We promise you the best purchase and installation experience for a product like Cabin Wall Décor. Visit us at or simply give us a call on the number given on our website.

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