19 Best Office Wall Decor Ideas 2020
19 Best Office Wall Decor Ideas 2020
19 best office wall decor ideas

19 Best Office Wall Decor Ideas 2020

By any chance, does the office wall decor comes to your mind, while still being at home ( now, forever! ) ? We are affirmative, by far, each one of us has started missing the work desk and the office walls as well. Each one of us has started getting that urge to step out and join back the office. It is okay to miss your cosy cabin or cubicle, that (not anymore) boring conference room. 

After spending months in lockdown, looking at the same set of walls day long and night, it is time to work on it. We all are sure to work on our surroundings- bring the newness or right messaging out to feel healthy and lively.  

Honestly, owing to the busy schedule we have always lived in, we never realised how important it is to take care of the walls. 

Be it the home walls or the work-from-home corner; in the end, everything needs your attention. And, now that the offices are reopening, we should start thinking about our office space. Did you know that it plays an important role in the overall personality- an employee spends a minimum of eight hours in that atmosphere every day.

Modern office wall decor approach:

As a leader and corporate head, you should focus on creating the surroundings unique and welcoming for the employees. Considering the current scenario, when people are coming back after long, a fresh approach is required. The lively office will play an important role as a stress buster. Remember that. We suggest you make a list on the professional wall decoration items which can be added to your office. 

It is your call on how to keep your employees motivated in this ‘new’ journey and encourage the employees to join back the office. But, before we share some exclusive office wall decor ideas with you, it is imperative for you as an association to take care of the employees’ health and safety. 

We suggest you opt for basic elements before you plan to reopen. Have a read, and we are sure you will agree with us. 

  • Deep clean your office and surroundings 
  • Apprise your hospitality team with new health standards
  • Follow the stringent cleaning policy 
  • Make sure you sanitise the office regularly 
  • Offer sanitisers and gloves on each work station

Add these things as basic requirements for the office functioning now. 

We are sure as a responsible leader; you would have already accounted for the above mentioned. Now, let’s focus on bringing the newness in your office life. Soon things are going to come back to normal, and we will be spending the whole day in those surroundings. 

Also, we feel that there is a reason the world is calling this new phase as a “new beginning”, “reopening”, “New Normal”. Keeping up with the spirit of performance and motivation, let’s bring this good change in our professional life. 

When your colleagues come back to work for you or with you, the curated designs will keep them upbeat and motivated.  

We are happy to list down 19 tips and new ideas on modern office wall decor. Investing in such premium activities not only proves to be a true value for money but also shows positive results in the overall development of the employees and their wellbeing.

Office wall decor ideas

1. Inspiring quotes:

You have the idea, and you know the process to do the project, but what lacks is the motivation. It is said that what you see, you become. Hang the inspiring and motivating quotes on your wall. A canvas sharing a good thought can do wonders. The quote in the 3D effect gives an attractive and exquisite look to your area.

be your own hero office wall decor idea

2. Mindful words for mindful living:

You spend almost three fourth of your day in office. The words that you speak, write or see has the power to elevate and uplift your belief, mood and attitude. 3D cut out of the positive words highlighting and promoting mindful

empower your spirit of well being

3. Bring the calmness with abstract lines:

Your workspace holds an integral position in your life. To keep you focussed on your work, we bring the contemporary approach to your work station with no hues of colour. A custom wall art structure finely painted and placed on you cabin wall bringing serenity at work. 

Check this idea the serene saint at work

the serene saint at work office wall decor idea

4. Bring focus to your life:

Cover the long office walls with inspiring and quirky quotes, keeping your employees’ morale boosted. Let the person be focused with work, develop the best work memories. Such messaging also helps to transform the blank wall area. Made in MDF material and painted with the wall complementary colours, this thought-provoking wall art brings the best out of everyone.

stay hungry stay foolish office wall decor idea

5. The sky is the limit:

 Add a professional look to your reception area with the silhouette of skyscrapers in the background. With the 3D backlit logo of your company and vinyl print depicting the buildings on the wall, can impress your guests in one go. You can also go for the world map or the country map, depending on the company strength and presence. 

future design office wall decor idea

6. Be pepped up:

With the pinch of energetic colours added in your waiting area, make that wait worthwhile. Play with the colours and geometric designs breaking the monotony; making one active and pepped for the scheduled meeting. Design the area elegantly with metallic wires and MDF pieces, sporting the area in a better way.

pepping up your day office wall decor idea

7. Make it circle:

To make your waiting space or the breakout are look more vibrant, we suggest you play with wood. Add the old wood textured circles on your wall and make it look edgy. The wooden design will surely grab more attention and make your area stand apart. You have the option to customise it further with your thought in mind.

woody living with the goody feeling

8. Include greens in your work:

Customise the long wall or the waiting area with green indoor plants and bring the edge to it by adding pebbles. The backlit planters mounted on the wall bring the uniqueness to your surroundings. Keep your indoors healthy.

planters in paradise office wall decor

9. Add the mantras:

Keep the spirits high with the right messaging on the wall. Hang the canvas talking loud about what your company believes in. Add such things to the small meeting rooms for keeping up the confidence. You have the option of customising the message by writing your company’s mission. 

success mantra office wall decor idea

10. Arrange your cabin:

Arrange your cabin: we respect your passion for work. Let us arrange the elements around and create more space for you to work. With our customised MDF bookshelves, you can flaunt your favourite book collection. Club it with other styles of shelves and make your cabin look trendy. 

befitting simplicity for crazy workaholics

11. Stand tall:

Our customised approach for tall walls will keep you happy and satisfied in the long run. Take this distinctive and formal approach with wooden texture MDF units complemented with the in-lit LED units. Make that walkway rememberable for every passerby. 

stand tall in perfect elegance

12. Strengthen your conference room vibes:

The place where you sit and brainstorm needs the energy. Try opting for wall designs which are strong and keep the spirit high. A vinyl pasted on the glass walls with right messaging is what all you need.

believer to achiever office wall decor idea

13. Time for great ideas:

You will agree that great ideas come while sitting in the washroom. That’s a fact well, and we support that too. Our customised decor idea for office washroom walls is one in a million. Your mind will relax, and you will get that strength back when you see the personalised and well-organised office washroom wall. Opt for wooden shelves finely painted and supported by the decorative elements. Undoubtedly, a different space with a unique look. 

new age washroom basics

14: Add office clock:

There has to have a common space, visible from almost every corner of the office. Add a retro clock to it, in the form of bicycle. We can add the brick look in the background by pasting a vinyl. Give the new accent to your office space with the real watch and the grungy yet elegant looking wall. The size of the clock can be customised to the best size possible.

retro clock office wall decor idea

15. A living wall:

As a responsible businessman, contribute back to nature by adding at least one living wall in your office. The hexagon-shaped wooden shelves bring out the best in creativity. The planters fixed in alternate shelves will cleanse your indoor air and also reduce the noise levels. 

spread life with the living walls

16. Bring the right energy ahead:

Complementing your office aroma will be the fresh and unique office wall designs. The minimalistic background highlighted well with the unique global map clock. We suggest you opt for a light colour reception table with abstract lines, making it different from everything you have seen so far. 

time travel office wall decor idea

17. Coffee or no work, it’s clear:

We get that feeling. To keep your employees motivated, create interesting mobile coffee centres. Accompanies with the 3D cut coffee cup and text imprinted on it, the wall will give you the fresh feel. In this, on the background, we suggest you paste the vinyl. 

its coffee o clock office decor idea

18. Lit your office kitchen:

The open kitchen space in your office can be utilised well by adding an interesting message in the background. To support the design, we suggest you play with the lights as well. In our designs, we offer you one in-lit word in the background. Have a pick. 

lit kitchenette

19. Think loud and stand out:

Allow yourself to think aloud and share it ahead. Add the correct messaging in your meeting room or conference halls. This time make it possible by adding 3D-cut bulbs and vinyl print. The messaging accompanying the design can also be in 3-D. Let there be light during the brainstorming sessions. 

let there be light

These wall decor for office ideas are definitely going to bring better results in your work culture. And, if you think from an employee perspective, you will get ample scope to better the surroundings further. 

Before we leave you with food for thought, consider working on a few more aspects of the office wall decoration:

  1. Involve the brand colours in your wall decor  
  2. Divide the office walls well 
  3. Dedicate the space or all to team photos and messages. 
  4. Option to personalise the work station walls 
  5. Let the natural light come in and play with the setting
  6. Create breakout zones 

While we will talk on work from home wall decor ideas separately, what we can recommend you right now is to add photos, have a dedicated work station and task list on work board. All these elements will impact your overall performance and deliver good results.


Your office walls can be a creation of any kind of art. What you need is the clarity on how you want to present your brand to the outside world. With so many artists on board, we specialise in providing customised solutions for the walls- augmented with hand paintings, murals and graffitis, acrylic art, abstract painting, mandalas and decals. If you like any of the suggestions for office wall decor, leave us a query on info@brainsonwalls.com. 

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