• Future design – Intelligent building urban cityscape

      Description A professional look to your office Material Vunyl print On Your Wall 3D baclit logo Vinyl print design

    • Futuristil design – highrise building urban cityscape

      Description A professional look to your office Material Vunyl print On Your Wall 3D baclit logo Vinyl print design

    • Kung Fu Hustle

      Description All sparkling pieces of mirror come together to say something to the beholder. This accent wall with acrylic cut out of mirror livens up any…

    • Passion For Planters

      Description Graphically set wooden rack with dash of greens at the nodes.Mounted on the mosaic are ceramic vases that create a pleasing botanical display of your…

    • Spread life with the living walls

      Description Boost you mood, productivity, concentration and creativity with these hexagonal plant based wooden shelves. Clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen.…

    • Stand Tall In Perfect Elegance

      Description Classic wooden designs never go out of style. With unique LED strips accents combined with the classic wooden texture, you can have the best entrance…

    • Time Travel

      Description Traverse the boundaries of time and geography right on your wall. An elegant clock, placed at the centre of the globe, enhances the work place…

    • Try-angles

      Description Some try squares and others rectangles. Here you can try the best out of triangles that blend in uniqueness. This wall decor displays 3D triangle…


    Be it a hotel, a hospital, a school or a house, a lobby is the most commonplace that sees the maximum footfalls in a given day or a night. This relatively big open space often becomes a meeting or a waiting place for dwellers or visitors. Hence, the lobby, its look and feel, the walls, décor and the overall ambiance can’t be anything but exceptional. Befitting this thought, Brains On Walls have come up with the most desirable wall décor ideas for your lobby. Till now, the walls of the lobby were at the mercy of the owner or the caretaker to make it look good, feel good. Thanks to the lobby wall décor experts at Brains On Walls who has put in a lot of mind and energy into curating wall décor and designs that stand out from the conventional décor that was prevalent till now.


    Starting with this thought, Brains On Walls have come up with some exceptionally evolved and thematically different wall décor ideas. These lend a never-before freshness to the walls that surround your lobby area. And these are aligned to your exceptional choices of colors, elements, and shapes. You must be wondering what’s so special about the Lobby Wall Décor products from Brains On Walls? One careful browse through the website and you would know what we are talking about! There are as many ideas and designs that you would be practically spoilt for choices! Some questions may still come to your mind, as to how these designs would add a new touch of attitude to your lobby. Let us tell you that every design and wall décor that we craft for your lobby walls has been created with a lot of imagination and finesse.


    You always wanted to see a place of your choice, a place that uplifts the mood of the visitors. And now, we have got it all… the most expansive and enriched online store for all your lobby wall décor needs. Any mood, any color, any element and any typical assortment in design, it’s all here. So, go for a transformation uplift to your lobby walls. Go graphic, go abstract, go ethnic, go patriotic or go with any theme as you may like, on the walls of your lobby. Brains on Walls are here to complement the mood of your visitors, that’s for sure!


    When you browse through www.brainsonwalls.com you are sure to feel excited about how are these unique wall décor created. That’s very normal because these lobby wall décor products are fresh and fantastic by all measures of creativity and creation. Let us tell you, it’s that dedicated focus on your unique needs that are evolving every day, is something that pushes us to come up with this pioneering initiative of bringing the first-ever lobby wall décor products, just for you.

    Be a part of this transformation with the pioneer of lobby wall décor products in India, Brains On Walls! Pick and choose from an extensive range of wall décor and get an attractive quote today.

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