Conference room

Conference room
    • A Shark You’ld Love

      Description For all the lovers of sea life, this 3D shark is a must have in your living room so that you can remind yourself how powerful and aggressive you are… just by looking at your wall. On Your Wall 3D Hard Thermacol Structure with Paint Finish

    • Be The Hero Of Your Work

      Description This is a must have wall next to your workstation or any workplace, that keep you inspired all the time . This quote with 3D effect gives an attractive and exquisite look to your area. On Your Wall MDF Cut out with Paint Finish and Vinyl Print

    • Believer To Achiever

      Description A simple and smart way to enhance the ambience of your workplace. This printed decal on a glass with an adjacent wall, especially for paparazzi lovers, give an elegant look to your offices or anywhere you want. On Your Wall 3M Clear Vinyl Print on Glass and 3M Vinyl on Side Wall

    • Bicycle On Bi-Frames

      Description Give your wall a real looking design of a bicycle that’s split into two or should we say, brought together as one. Two innovative frames displaying a 3D bicycle, enhances the look of your living area. On Your Wall MDF Frame With Vinyl Print

    • Break The Monotony

      Description A brilliant contrast of brightness breaks the dullness of your space. An amber yellow decal enhances the wall, thus giving it an aesthetic look. Never run out of imagination in this bright and lively room! On Your Wall MDF 3D Cutout with Vinyl Print

    • Bring Nature Into Your Room

      Description Fill your place with butterflies holding the planters for you. This extremely imaginative design is rendered with colourful 3D shelves in the shape of butterflies, each having a touch of green in the form of small planters. On Your Wall MDF Butterflies with Paint Finish

    • Camera Time

      Description This beautiful wall decor with a clock in a camera or say a camera in a clock, lends a great new look to your wall. Be it your house of anywhere you want, it is a definite show-stopper in design. On Your Wall MDF 3D Clock in Camera Shape

    • Divinity Woven Around

      Description A wall decor with the eternal ‘AUM’ and sacred geometry woven with colorful threads! This multi-hued string design enriches the surroundings with peace and a spiritual feel. On Your Wall 3D MDF Roundshape Vinyl Print

    • Gira-Affection

      Description An exquisite and artistic design of the giraffe, done with string art on a wooden frame, is the perfect decor for your wall. It will lend a character and enhance the look of your room. A custom wall art to infuse energy in the area and life into the walls. On Your Wall 3D MDF Giraffe Cutout   Club…

    • Globetrotter Fast Forward

      Description Go ahead with your passion to explore the world. This attractive design brings out your the inner explorer every time you look at it. With these uniquely designed arrows and map you will always move forward. On Your Wall MDF Circle and Arrow Shape Structure

    • Go Floral

      Description A yellow wall flaunting a bunch of decorative flowers is something that catches the eye instantly. Anybody would love to possess this wall with 3d installation of elegant flowers and a unique wooden shelf that make a complete wall assortment for your place. On Your Wall MDF Cutout with Silver Paint Finish

    • Hustle’N Happy Nonstop

      Description Working next to the wall that keeps you motivated every time you see it, this wall is decked with a 3D speech bubble, elegantly placed on a tangerine hued wall. On Your Wall MDF Cut out with Paint Finish and Vinyl Print


    Big offices have this designated place for collective meetings. Yes, it’s their conference room. Huge, sprawling and replete with all high-tech facilities. Mostly the conference room is the biggest area in the office where all the important meetings take place. But quite surprisingly most of these conference room walls lack anything that could go by the name of décor or any motivation. The good news is that times are changing and people are actually rethinking the look and feel of these many important places within the office. New-age wall décor from Brains On Walls is spreading the magic and these walls are coming to life with a plethora of ideas and rich imagination. And the results are for everyone to see… Perfectly done up walls that are expressive and lively than ever before.



    Keeping in mind the sanctity and seriousness of the conference room, Brains On Walls have come up with an assortment of wall décor products. The range caters to the ever-evolving tastes of professionals and entrepreneurs. This covers the entire gamut of learning, inspirational and motivational themes. These ideas bring to fore the urge to think differently, enhance productivity, enhance the power of concentration and excel in everything. Then comes the generic and universal themes that are apt for all age groups, when it comes to professionalism, teamwork, staying focused and keep gaining knowledge as a passion and specific interest. Conference room wall décor also comes in abstract shapes and graphics to enrich the walls with an aesthetic look.



    The rich and extensive experience of Brains On Walls in the experiential business is being spearheaded to achieve impressive results in wall décor products. Selecting the best of objects and elements, both from nature and manufacturing, the selected theme is rendered to sheer perfection. Right from supporting you in selecting the most befitting design for your conference room, experts at Brains On Walls guide you through every step of placing the order to the final installation at the premises. And it doesn’t end there. Thoughtful support is also provided at places where maintenance is required.



    Simply contact us for all your queries about wall décor products of any scale and size. Browse through the ever-expanding collection of conference room wall décor products that exude multiple ideas, designs, and style. Just place your order with us and see for yourself, how your conference room walls transform in no time. So, log on to today, to select your wall décor or simply call us to know more. Happy new look to your conference room!

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